Our goal for adolescent health must not be limited to the absence of risk, it must include the cultivation of those strengths we know position young people to take their place as contributing members of society.

The 2014 First Place Winner for a
Publication for Non-Physician Professionals, American Medical Writers Association

Reaching Teens: Strength-Based, Trauma-Sensitive, Resilience-Building Communication Strategies Rooted in Positive Youth Development

Telling young people what not to do makes them aware of problems, but does little to create change. In fact, it engenders shame and can therefore backfire. An approach that addresses risk by building on the strengths of youth promotes positive changes by building young people’s confidence and helping each understand how much he or she matters. Youth who understand that others expect the best from them gain self-worth and are poised to THRIVE.

Reaching Teens is a comprehensive textbook/video project published by The American Academy of Pediatrics that prepares professionals TO APPLY the principles of positive youth development and resilience in order to guide youth towards healthy behaviors and wise decisions.

This body of work has been thoughtfully priced so that it can be accessible to all youth-serving professionals and agencies.

Up to 95 continuing education credits from The American Academy of Pediatrics, The National Association of Social Workers, and the National Board of Certified Counselors.

Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D., M.S. Ed

Dr. Ginsburg is a pediatrician specializing in Adolescent Medicine at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and Co-Founder and Director of Programs at Center for Parent and Teen Communication. He also serves Philadelphia's homeless youth as Director of Health Services at Covenant House Pennsylvania. The theme that ties together his clinical practice, teaching, research and advocacy efforts is that of building on the strength of teenagers by fostering their internal resilience. His goal is to translate the best of what is known from research and practice into practical approaches parents, professionals and communities can use to prepare children and teens to thrive.

Families, schools, and communities can prepare children and teens to THRIVE through both good and challenging times. Children and teens who have the seven crucial “Cs”competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping & control — will be prepared to bounce back from challenges and excel in life.