We can’t make the world perfect for adolescents.  But we can help them grow into the kinds of adults who can deal with an imperfect, stressful world. 

Supporting the Use of “Reaching Teens"

Youth serving agencies, organizations, or programs that use “Reaching Teens” as a tool to enhance professionals’ capacity to serve youth may want to orient their staff to strength-based, resilience-building, trauma-informed strategies of care. Dr. Ginsburg offers 4 to 8 hour seminars that introduce groups to the theoretical and philosophical frameworks that underpin all of these applied strategies. Then, the seminars offer participants practical approaches that address adolescents’ risk by building on their strengths. On the day of these workshops he will work with program administrators to prepare them to best tailor “Reaching Teens” for their setting.

Dr. Ginsburg is committed to helping organizations unlock the potential of this American Academy of Pediatrics Product. His travel time and ability to accept formal speaking engagements is limited. Therefore, he will speak by phone to large organizations licensing “Reaching Teens” to help them consider how best to utilize this tool.