Resilience is the capacity to
rise above difficult circumstances, allowing our children to exist in this less-than-perfect world, while moving forward with optimism and confidence.

Communities That Wish to Focus on
Risk Topics

Some communities may not want more than one general session introducing them to the language of resilience. The strategies below can maximize the effectiveness of that session.

Your goal can be to incorporate the language and philosophy of resilience into all of your ongoing parenting seminars, even if topics are risk specific. For example, discipline is a subject that parents want to learn about at every developmental stage. It is important that they shift their understanding of discipline away from punishment and toward guidance. Each discipline lesson can reinforce the importance of children learning control by understanding that they earn privileges through demonstrated responsibility. Similarly, if you want the parents to become part of the solution preventing risk behaviors, always include coping as part of the discussion. Reinforce as often as you can that parents may do their greatest good when they model appropriate behaviors and when they tell kids what to do in reaction to stress rather than just deliver facts about what not to do. Further, use each risk prevention session to teach parents how to build competency skills in dealing with peer pressure. 

At each session that addresses risk, be aware that some people in the room are attending because their children are actively engaged in worrisome behaviors. Reinforce for them that they should never lower their expectations of their children and that opportunities always exist to turn their child’s life around. Help them understand that their love remains the pivotal force with the greatest potential to affect change. Finally, always include in each session the importance of turning to professional guidance.