Resilience is a mindset, children need to view challenges as opportunities for growth rather than as catastrophes.


Dr. Ginsburg hopes to have a meaningful impact on the well-being of children and teens when he visits a community.

Therefore, he is happy to create the best combination of talks to serve both the adults who care about kids (parents, educators, healing professionals, and youth-serving agencies) and teens themselves. His presentations hope to both educate and inspire and range from 45 minutes to eight hours. He can also facilitate participants to develop action plans for reducing stress and building resilience in school or agency settings. 

Dr. Ginsburg is a practicing physician, researcher, and child and adolescent advocate.  As such, he is able to offer only a limited number of personal speaking engagements.   Alternatively, his books serve as an appropriate foundation for community discussion groups and book clubs to explore resilience and strategies to foster healthy child and adolescent development. Many communities have benefitted from these discussions either independently or in advance of his visits.  When appropriate, Dr. Ginsburg is happy to recommend one of his trusted colleagues to speak to your community to reinforce the resilience messages contained within the books.

For Parents    Details »

Resilience in Action: Raising Children and Adolescents Who are Prepared to Thrive! (90-120 minutes)  
Authentic Success: Raising Children and Adolescents who are Prepared to Thrive in a Challenging World (90 minutes)
Keeping Adolescents Safe (90 minutes)
Preparing for Adolescence (90 minutes)

For Teens     Details »

Real Success  (45-60 minutes) 
Coping with Life (45-60 minutes)

For Professionals Who Work with Youth    Details »

Resilience in Action: A Strength-based Approach to Working with Young People
Working with Youth Labeled "At Risk": Reducing Risk by Recognizing and Building on Existing Strengths
Taking Care of Ourselves: Healing the Healer (Multiple formats available)

For School Communities    Details »

Creating a Culture that Fosters Real Success


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