Confidence is rooted in competence.  A person gains confidence partially through receiving and believing feedback from others that he has demonstrated capabilities – authentic strengths.

Making Reaching Teens Accessible

Reaching Teens is a comprehensive work that teaches strength-based communication strategies that apply positive youth development principles, resilience-building strategies and trauma- sensitive practices It can be navigated individually, within a practice, program, or setting, or as a coalition of community-based settings. The second edition allows for community-wide partnerships in the transformation to strength-based practices because it is written for all youth serving professionals (e.g., those who work in after school programs), but has tailored experiences for professionals working in the following settings:

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Foster Care
  • Substance Use
  • Sports and Physical Recreation
  • Systems that care for youth enduring homelessness or human trafficking

Reaching Teens is turn-key ready for virtual individual or group learning.

It includes 95 chapters, over 400 films, live links to resources, and downloads for youth, parents and professionals. It also offers up to 95 hours of continuing professional education credits for health professionals, social workers, and counselors . It is aligned with Social and Emotional Learning competencies, enabling educational settings to offer CEUs.

Believing this work can make a real difference in the lives of adolescents, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has chosen to make this accessible to all youth serving professionals and programs. A body of work of this nature required significant resources to create and would therefore be expected to have a price that might put it out of reach for individuals as well as youth-serving programs that are increasingly required to do more with less. Therefore, the AAP is charging nearly the same amount for this body of work that one would pay for a traditional textbook. That price allows an individual to have the written and electronic textbook. The electronic version has live links to view films, access suggested websites, and download the handouts. It also allows the individual to earn continuing education credits.

A setting can choose to obtain the entire product for each individual or can license the work for the entire setting. With an “institutional license,” each individual will have full access to the product electronically and will be able to earn continuing education credits. Institutional licenses are cost-effective and are given at rates far less than if the work was individually purchased.

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Contact the American Academy of Pediatrics through the website to explore obtaining multiple electronic copies or licensing the product for your institution.

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