Parents who honor their adolescents' growing independence will raise
resilient children who yearn for a healthy interdependence.

Talks for School Communities

Creating a Culture that Fosters Real Success

The goal of this facilitated process is for school communities to elucidate key steps needed to reduce stressors on students and foster emotional and social intelligence.  Presented as a four-hour workshop, this interactive program involves critical conversation and sharing of ideas between students (typically 25-40), teachers and school administrators (approximately 10-15), and parents (about 10-15).  The session will begin with a presentation on “authentic success.”  Afterwards, small groups will generate solutions and then share their proposals with the larger group.  Then, the group will be facilitated to prioritize the key strategies it believes will most effectively foster real success among the student body.

In order to move the process forward and demonstrate commitment to this process, a follow up meeting should be arranged within the school community to move the recommendations into an action plan.


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